When you stay in an old Danish country Inn you are experiencing Danish history. It was Margrethe the 1st in 1396 who decided that there within every fourth mile should be an Inn where travelers could stay overnight, have a meal and something to drink. Most Inns could offer alcohol to the travelers - but not to locals. It was important that the peasants were sober when they were working for the lord. First with Christian d. 2 (King of Denmark and Norway from 1513 to 1523 and King of Sweden from 1520 to 1521, road to roads Inn were put into system. Christian d.2's law decided that for every 2-3 miles on Zealand should be set up an Inn. The law mentions 29 Inns at the time. One can imagine that the system has spread to the rest of the country.

The Inns were the business hotels of the time, but much has changed since. A lot of the old Inns had close with the railway's arrival and later due to changed infrastructure. Highways replaced the traditional roads.

Fortunately, there are still many fine Inns in Denmark - and the tradition of good hostess, good food and pleasant service are alive.

 Aalbak gl. Inn was originally also a business hotel for today's travelers. In 1838, the Innkeeper could make Brandy, and we know that the Inn was used as a shift point for the post rider from Frederikshavn to Skagen. Often you had to drive in the ocean. The road between Ålbæk and Skagen was a blurred track that was often not passable. It is recommended to read H.C. Andersen's description of his journey to Skagen with the post rider. Then you get a lively insight into the hustle and bustle of the trip.

Despite changing times, Ålbæk has been in the area since, dining and offering accommodation. Today the Inn is an expression of the modern Inn culture, where the old building remains. The main part of the rooms is in buildings around the Inn.  Ålbæk gl. Kro is a proud member of the volunteer chain Dansk Kroferie, which in 2012 changed its name to Small Danish Hotels. We focus on good hostess, personal service, and good food. The modern guest is primarily a holiday visitor who stays here to explore the top of Denmark.